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Pearland, TX

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reply to pandora

Re: My addition will take almost 2 miles of Cat 6

said by pandora:

The question is more what will be the useful life of gigabit Ethernet cables in a home. If these cables become useless over time, it's easy to remove the outlet and patch the wall.

The intention is to not have Ethernet outlets define the furniture layout. I don't view Ethernet outlets are more or less unsightly than any other outlet or switch.

useful life? when my house was built back in 06 and we closed in early 07, my planned ethernet wiring worked so much in my favor such that i didnt need to add / remove or have unsightly outlets to cover with furniture or consider it in mind when moving furniture..and I expect to have the wiring good for another 5-10 years at least...

it's not about what the cable can handle bandwidth wise, it's the amount of cables that's having everybody scratching their heads for you...that's like 2 outlets on 3 walls and 1 on the 4th on a square or whatever shape room...really insane...

EDIT: the op did say there were only 4 outlets in a room with 7 runs of cat6 per bad...

i spent money where I planned it to be and expect to spend a little bit if I needed more of what I expected or planned...

i understand your intention about the ethernet outlets not defining the furniture layout but what you did may have well contradicted your intention and you didn't know it...

but then again, you're the guy who does everything in overdrive mode...400amp on a residential setting...

»The renovation continues ... today new 400 amp service!