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Urbandale, IA

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reply to Ghastlyone

Re: Seriously? PS4 to use AMD cpu???

I'm not trying to compare an MMO. You're completely missing my point here. It could be any PC game. It doesn't have to be an MMO. Any PC game will play differently on each PC, whereas the 360 game will play exactly the same on each 360. No tweaking required. It could be The Sims. It could be Call of Duty. I picked WoW or Diablo 3 (which again, is not an MMO) because those are the only PC games I've played in recent history. I played Sims 3 in 2007-2008 after I had first built the PC.

Point being, Microsoft doesn't make me upgrade the hardware in my 360 every few years to keep playing new games. The 360 I bought in 2008 will play any 360 game released today without trying to catch on fire. PC game developers have no qualms about not caring about throwing PC gamers under the bus when it comes to hardware requirements.

Edit: And you're actually wrong. There is an MMORPG on a console. DC Universe Online is available for the PS3 in addition to the PC.

Edit 2: And I'll concede that on occasion consoles have released certain "upgrades" that are at the very least recommended if not required for certain games, like with Perfect Dark on the Nintendo 64. But at least that is one consistent upgrade that everyone with a Nintendo 64 can buy and know will work the way it's supposed to, without trying to play a guessing game about which piece of hardware might end up providing the most benefit.

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Mentor, OH
I had DC universe installed on my PC, and dumped it shortly after. It ran like a huge crap fest.

I then installed DC universe on my PS3 and it ran fine.
Both devices are about the same age, but the PS3 is more powerful then my PC.
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