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Durham, NC
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Re: Long ago past subsidies irrelevant

This is the truth. Monopolies don't want competition because they want MORE money--not because they want to 'innovate'. Sticking rural customers on shitty, slow wireless is not innovative, nor is it fixing the very fundamental problems we have in American broadband (much of which is so slow, it can't rightly be called broadband).

Municipal ISPs are the way of the future. Wilson, North Carolina has their own FTTP/FTTH network called Greenlight which offers up to 100/100Mbit for about $180 a month. And Time Warner fought it TOOTH AND NAIL. Time Warner also lines politicians' pockets in the state legislature to keep their chokehold on much of the NC market. I realize some of you more radical libertarians who believe in ZERO government intervention, ever, are put off by the idea that the government has to regulate the broadband industry to some degree, but it needs to happen. Meaningful regulation and actual competition. We need an FCC that stands up to cable monopolies rather than a guy like Genachowski asking for gigabit fiber in every city by 2015.