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Ottawa, ON
reply to disconnected

Re: Wood-Fired Steam Engine to Drive Generator?

said by disconnected :

well pump ... 93 amperes (240vac) ... 40kW sine wave inverter that draws power from forklift batteries

That 40kW inverter won't be powerful enough if you want to enjoy the 17kW sound system while your 25HP pump is running. And your house may not be big enough for all those fork-lift batteries.

Everything DC is much better for true off-grid living. You could use a telecom style 48V DC bus and convert to other DC voltages at 98% efficiency using off-the-shelf modules.

- pump should be replaced with an ultra-efficient DC version. They are available for solar powered setups.

- there are many computers and TVs with 12V/5A DC input. 5 such systems consume less power than a single 300W AC desktop. All laptops use DC input - usually 16V or 19V to match the number of li-ion cells.