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Las Vegas, NV
reply to SuperNet

Re: Getting cruched ice when picking cube from fridge

said by SuperNet:

said by Bornloser:

Frigidaire brand does not work the same way. On the ice bin is a rod that is activated by a solenoid by the auger motor. When the solenoid is activated, it moves the rod which in turn moves a door that either directs the ice to the blades (crushed) or away from the blades (cubes). Make sure that the rod moves up and down freely. Common problem on Friggindare is that the solenoid freezes up and no longer moves. Pull out the bin and make sure that the plunger on the solenoid moves up and down freely. If it does not, apply heat with hair blow dryer.

It does go freely but it doesn't push the bar app the way up. Only half way.

The "bailing arm" will only go half way which will stop ice making until ice level goes back down, all the way up is turning it off. Which has to be done manually.

By chance is it a older Frigidaire with the slide switch for selecting the type of ice you want?

If so they are notorious for breaking. The plastic part you slide will move but where it contacts the switch will break, but appear as it is working. Look up in the dispenser area from the outside and see if you can see whether the outer slider is moving the inner switch. It could be stuck between solid and crushed giving you both. I had this happen on one that I used to own. If it is broken you can replace the selector switch, but manually move the inner switch to which type of ice you want for the time being.