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reply to PX Eliezer70

Re: What AV are you running?

said by PX Eliezer70:

AV is probably the [least] important part of a balanced security breakfast.

Hardware/router firewall, software firewall especially with malware defense, HIPS and/or other system hardening, keeping the OS and all software updated, running the OS with limited privileges, disabling Java, using broswers other than IE, disabling Javascript in your browsers, using the anti-malware features in your browsers, being careful on what e-mails you open, being careful when you plug someone else's flash drive or other data device into your machine, etc., etc....

By the time something reaches your AV, that's bad news if it hasn't been stopped by then....

Yes, it's simply amazing how far that some common sense and care will get ya !

= = = = = = = =

Though I have found that recently, the MSE has caught my fancy.

It doesn't bog down my PCs as much as most other AV apps would, and seems to do its job.

= = = = = = = =

Also, I would like to wring the neck of each and every general news announcer who does a piece on Internet security and preaches :

"Don't open emails/attachments from people who you don't know !"

While that sometimes can be good advice (though most of those are just SPAM), these semi-educated 'a little knowledge can be dangerous' types all plumb ferget to state that the vast majority of software pestilence comes from emails originating [allegedly, as per its 'From' field and subject line] from folks who you DO know, as most of these pests will find your name and email address in the 'contacts' list of some such person who was unlucky/careless enough to let their computer get infected first.


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