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Re: [Need Info] Audio compression sware to maximize bitrate/qual

I guess I should rephrase a little: I already have suitable amounts of encoding software and expertise. What I am wanting, more or less, is some kind of calculator (automated preferrably from start to finish with an encoded result) that I can throw in a selection of files and it will estimate the maximum bitrate that can be used while allowing it all to fit on a CD-R.
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You can get a good estimate of total filesize if you know how many minutes of music you want to put onto the disc. If you throw everything into a playlist and then get the total length of the playlist, the rest is just algebra. Algebra that google-able folks already did for us... the equation is [bitrate]*15/2048 = megabytes per minute.

So, to take common bitrates as examples:

320k = 2.34MB/min or 140.6MB/hr = 4.98 hours per 700MB CD
256k = 1.875MB/min or 112.5MB/hr = 6.22 hours per 700MB CD
192k = 1.40MB/min or 84.375/hr = 8.3 hours per 700MB CD
128k = .9375MB/min or 56.25/hr = 12.44 hours per 700MB CD

Someone who has taken algebra more recently than 20 years ago could probably figure out an equation to actually solve for bitrate when given the total time and total storage space... but unfortunately I haven't done this in a long time and I have the flu, so I'm going to leave it at that and hope this is at least helpful in giving you a rough estimate of what you can do on a CD-R
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