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Reisterstown, MD

[Northeast] ONT Battery - Verizon Wants to Charge!

My ONT battery is dead again. This will be my third in a year. They're saying since it's not under warranty they are going to charge me like 50 bucks to replace it.

Since you all agree that this is utter crap (me being charged for crappy batteries that don't last) how do I get Verizon to ship this for free?


Plano, TX
I think most people on here have bought replacements and replaced them themselves. Luckily mine has held up through like 3 or 4 ONT replacements (Went through a few from a BPON to GPON conversion) since like 2008.


Reisterstown, MD
Just Google the model number?

Is that honestly going to be cheaper?


Miami, FL
reply to faze
Does your power go out a lot?


Reisterstown, MD
Not in a long time. And it just started beeping.

Millersville, MD
reply to faze
My first FiOS BBU battery lasted 5 or so years and I then replaced it on my own for $25.

If you are blowing through multiple batteries per year and don't have extensive power outages, I suspect your BBU is having issues. How do you get VZ to replace it? I have no idea, but replacing batteries is likely addressing the symptom and not the cause.

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West Chester, PA
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There is an active thread about this here:
»Verizon FIOS Battery Backup
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Reisterstown, MD
reply to seaquake
This is a new ONT (coax and ethernet). The one that came with the house had this issue too.


Carlisle, PA
reply to faze
Some people have had success unplugging the battery for a few minutes, and then plugging in back in. This should be the first thing you try before you do anything else. People claim that this can clear it for 3-6 months at times, but is not guaranteed.

These batteries are supposed to last 3-5 years approximately, so if you really feel like fighting Verizon, you'll need to escalate the issue, saying that you've only had the battery for a few months or whatever. How long have you had service installed?

Other alternatives include putting tape over the speaker hole to muffle the sound, if that's what's bothering you .


Reisterstown, MD
I've had service for two years, but only one year at this house.



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reply to faze
Agree with seaquake. I'm guessing that the problem is with the circuitry that tells the BBU that the battery is dead and you are getting false readings of a dead battery. It seems unlikely that you would get three dud batteries in a year.

Disconnect the battery from the BBU, remove the terminals from the battery, check the terminals, replace the terminals on the battery, replace the battery in the BBU.

If it keeps up, rather than keep replacing batteries, have Verizon replace the BBU.

Update To Add: Another possibility is that the BBU is not recharging the battery properly so it's not permanently dead but rather just discharged. Again, fixes are the check the connections and to replace the BBU.

Don't know how you would go about getting a BBU replacement. Sandy took out my BBU and ONT, and they were pretty much going door to door replacing BBUs (at least according to the tech) at that time. When replacing the BBU didn't fix the problem, he replaced the ONT.


Grapevine, TX
reply to faze
I have had that problem for about a year. Every two to three months I get an alarm and all I have to do is unplug the battery for ten seconds and I am good for another two to three months. The battery is good when checked elsewhere. I am still trying to get VZ admit to a problem and get the BBU replaced. They will always send out a tech but never find a problem. Two techs left me with new batteries but they did the same thing. Seems to be a problem as others have reported this issue as well.

Warwick, RI
reply to knarf829
If after disconnecting the battery for a short time and the ReplaceBattery alarm continues, I'd suggest creating a power outage for 5 minutes. Restore power and the battery will actually go under charge rather than float. It should take about 30 minutes, maybe more before the battery is charged back to float.

Then count the time before the ReplaceBattery alarm comes back on. If you don't get a week easy, then the battery is flaky or the BBU is flaky.

If this is your 3rd in a year, where did you get the previous replacements from? And how do you know they were fresh? Was there a date code?

I'm not saying you should buy from VZ, you'll be paying too much. But you need to buy from a vendor with enough turnover that doesn't have old batteries sitting on the shelf.


Merrick, NY
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»www.refurbups.com/s.nl?search=fi ··· 0battery



Santa Monica, CA
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My first Verizon battery lasted over four years. The replacement battery from Amazon cost less than $20. It's been installed for about 7-8 months. I've gotten two false-positive (?) alarms. Disconnecting and reconnecting the battery resolved the problem for at least three months. It's just a pain to get to the ONT to work on the battery.

Brooklyn, NY
reply to faze
My battery started to beep a few weeks ago. I unplugged it and plugged it back in and it has been fine. The battery is almost 2 years old.
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