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Elwood Blues
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reply to got_milk

Re: Okay, NOW Wind will definitely be foreign owned

said by got_milk:

said by infamouskid:

i really don't see that happening.
with the way things are looking now wind is in a position to buy up the other smaller guys. they already have 600k subs.
the only time they would sell is if they are not gaining anything in market right now. but as long as they continue to grow each quarter there is no reason to sell.
they just had their best quarter and their sub base size has grown by more then 50% in the last year. now they are going for full control.
i would say this is more of a strategic move to deepen their pockets for some ammunition against the incumbents. i mean this is the same company who had their CEO say "We will make pain, and they will suffer" in a live interview. that sounds more like they want payback for what happened when they opened doors rather then them wanting to sell.

Orascom will sell. It will cost too much to upgrade their network to be on par with Bell/Rogers/Telus' offerings. Wind's home network zone is still very small and a lack of LTE will begin to hurt them soon, if it's not hurting them now.

You can't become Bell/Rogers/Telus overnight, it'll take decades and billions to build an infrastructure to effectively compete with those three.
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