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Fort Campbell, KY

[AZ] Cox Speed Increase weeeeee !!

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I edited out my IP on the cox test just in case someone was going to ruin my fun I am north tempe pretty close to the ASU stadium. So it looks to me like they will be launching the upgraded tiers here very shortly, as I am already getting this speed. This is on the Premiere package also for anyone wondering.


Phoenix, AZ
·Cox HSI
dont think that would be a sign of a speed increase, have seen plenty of people that have a d3 modem and premier hit those speed for over the last year thanks to power boost. like for me im on preferred and hit 20mbps down and 18mbps up for the last 1.5 years


Las Vegas, NV
reply to badgagt
yeah that looks normal too me due to having so many bonded channels on a d3 modem

i typical get 27mbps down and 40mbps up on premier tier due to all the bonded channels


Glendale, AZ
reply to badgagt
I'm getting somewhere around the same 32Mbps down, 13 Up.

How I look forward to the day when I get 50Mbps down, 20 Up on Premier

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Phoenix, AZ
reply to m8trix
It may not be a sign of speed increase but I just checked one of my locations in phoenix that has preferred and a d2 modem (not d3) and getting 33/8.5

Other locations have d3 and are reporting about the same.


Surprise, AZ
I received an email sometime last week advising of a network upgrade that may require a manual modem reset that would take place on 1/25/2013. I'm in Surprise.

No reset required as I just saw the email this morning. It seems that the IP address range did change (now receiving an IP on a /24 subnet rather than a /22 subnet), and we've gone from 4 chanels down/1 up to 6 down/3 up on my Cisco DPC3010 modem.

Speed test shows 38Mbps down, 17Mbps up (with bursts to 30 MBps, stepping down to 25Mbps, then settling on 17Mbps) on Premier.

That all said, I still can't maintain a 1080p stream from YouTube during peak hours, but I can't nail down whether that's local infrastructure or downstream.