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reply to Dustyn

Re: What AV are you running?

said by Dustyn:

When it was released it was a mess. It came out of BETA far too early and most of the user contributed feedback that went into the BETA development of the product was either ignored or not implemented in time for the RTM. I see they have released an updated version... but you have to speak with Tim_Lopez via e-mail in order to get it. At any rate, NIS 2012 is solid for myself on Windows 7 64-bit.
»community.norton.com/t5/Norton-I ··· p/891493

Thanks for the information man.

Well, I decided to try NIS 2013 based upon positive feedback here. I have not run Norton/Symantec products in 10+ years. I said back then that I would NEVER run any of their products, I switched to Eset and never looked back. Well, until recently.

So I installed 2013 and it felt clunky. A few reboots later it was a bit better, but Live Update kept failing. After some research it appeared I was not alone, so I uninstalled NIS 2013 using the Norton uninstall tool and then installed NIS 2012. Was running good and Live Update was fine.

But due to curiosity and encouragement from a member over at Wilders, I decided to give 2013 another go. To my surprise, everything is running smooth and Live Update is working just fine. I can say that NIS 2013 is definitely lighter than 2012 and am surprised at what I am seeing by Symantec.

Moral of this story?

Never say never.

Please keep discussion ongoing as I like to chat about this kind of stuff anyways. As for the patch you linked me to, I don't feel I need it as this point in time so will wait until it hits me with their phased rollout process.

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