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Surrey, BC
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Re: [Cable] Peak hours SUPER slow!

said by TypeS:

said by ReeG:

Hey guys, try resetting your modems and see if it does anything for you. I was getting under 10mbps and after a reset it's gone back up to over 30

I have seen this happen. It's actually not the modem that needs to reboot but need to a DHCP release and renew on the router or PC connected.

I've called teksavvy before about this and they don;t what it is and asked me use my service without the router for a week but thats not reasonable in my home.

The behavior stopped now though. It used to drop speed every few days. The DHCP release/renew would bring it up to full. Probably Rogers doing it (dunno if intended or not).

Reset mine a million times (router and modem). I am now waiting for a reply on the open ticket. Been waiting a good few days already. It was supposed to be within 48 hours.

TSI Jonathan
I will have someone check on that right away and get back to you.