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East Amherst, NY
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Re: Just the usual French attack on US companies

Because France is part of the EU, and thus GOOG "recognizes" a vast sum of their earnings back to the UK where is pays much lower taxes. Notice how GOOG is buying a $1b plot of land in the UK to build their EU HQ. Interestingly enough they are doing that SO they don't have to repatriate the earnings back to the US and pay US taxes on it.

It's all a shell game....

Blame it on the EU, not GOOG. They are just playing the game. France is trying to create a toll booth before exiting France, which is actually a great way to break up the harmonious EU which is supposed to be borderless

While I agree that if revenue comes from France should be taxed as such, laws are made up by lobbyists so for every loser there is always a winner, and it is never fair. Get used to it when the government intervenes.