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Springfield, PA
reply to rshapiro

Re: Want to switch from MoCa to CAT5, no STB's, just TiVo

I have your identical situation with Tivo. No STB for me.
Works perfectly fine.

I have my own router into the Tivo boxes, you can
use your own router and don't have to bridge
them if no MoCA is needed.

I have ethernet right from ONT to the router. All
works just fine. You may have to call support to
enable the ethernet port and just use the Coax for

Be careful about swapping routers. If you have any issues

Keep the FIOS router nearby, if you have any issues at all,
they will make you put it back to troubleshoot it. What
a pain that is...


Washington, DC
Same here. Installed originally that way . . . I don't even have the Verizon router. Just cat5 to my router, and coax to the various Tivos.