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Heave Steve, for the good of the country
reply to dirtyjeffer

Re: Now THESE are brakes

said by dirtyjeffer:

said by Thane_Bitter:

I wonder happens at highway speed if a car pulls in and cuts in short, will the system activate? What if the driver notices and swerves sharply as the system engages but he doesn't apply the brake, will the system keep breaking?

i believe the system looks for deceleration of the object in front of it (to sense an impending impact)...so if someone cut in front, but continued at a decent rate of speed, it wouldn't intervene...i believe the system automatically applies the brakes...when you look at that video, its ability to stop the truck in that last 15-20 feet is incredible.

In that case it would be firing off a lot on the NYS I-90 as those idiots pass you at 1 mph speed differential and then pull in front of you 20' away and slow down.