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Heave Steve, for the good of the country
reply to IamGimli

Re: Now THESE are brakes

said by IamGimli:

People are still gonna die but instead of being the ones in front of the rig it'll be the brain-dead morons who tailgate him while reading the paper/texting/yapping on the phone/feeding the kids on the back seat/playing with the radio...

I was thinking about that Volvo video where the car smacked into the rear of the transport trailer and was wondering if the system didn't 'pick-up' enough 'reflection' from the rear of the trailer, ie. a typical car rear-end has more surface area with fewer 'gaps' to reflect ultrasonic energy from than the relatively 'open' area at the lower-rear of a transport trailer.

It seems that the ultrasonic system eventually sensed the trailer but about 20-30' later than it did in the other Volvo video where the transport was stopping behind a passenger car.