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Re: How to lease SB6141?

So TWC is releasing their firmware base on the modem's MAC? If they do so, why do they even allow us to buy our own modems? Are we being trapped in, I told you so?

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Basically, yes. You go with your own modem, your options are limited. If you get one which is not on their current approved list (as I did) and they accept your MAC address, and it works, great. (Many times this is because they themselves have that model or similar still on their network, such as if they've used them in the past.) If they don't accept your MAC address or it won't work, you're kind of stuck, and have to take it up with whomever sold it to you; many vendors have a good return policy though. If you get one that's on their current approved list, I think you get something close to support as if you rented/leased, except of course when they go through all their troubleshooting and their conclusion is, it's your particular unit that's the issue, so you're on your own to rectify the problem at that point (in the sense that you can't just go on down to your nearest TWC store and get a modem, unless you want to start leasing).

Don't forget that part of the MAC address identifies the manufacturer, so for example ordering a firmware push for some model based on MAC address is likely very possible.
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