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Markham, ON
reply to The Mongoose

Re: [Cable] Peak hours SUPER slow!

said by The Mongoose:

said by KC108:

I posted in the Teksavvy Direct Forum and this is the reply I got after troubleshooting.

I have just now received an update on your Slow Speeds ticket. Unfortunately, Rogers was unable to find anything on their network that would cause these issues. Power levels are completely within specifications, which would mean that the issue isn't signal related.
Now, looking at the POI you are connected to, it appears the issue could be caused by nightly congestion, especially if the slow downs only occur in the evening.
As for the possible congestion issue, TekSavvy has already taken the initiative to order a capacity upgrade for this POI. Rogers has not yet provided us with an ETA at this time as to when the Link upgrade will be installed."

Basically, I'm SOL until Rogers get their crap together. I should minimally be getting the speeds that I am paying for. Maybe it's time to look for another internet provider?

Possibly, but before you go there let's see if we can get Gabe or someone with higher-level knowledge of the network to let us know if your POI is actually congested. If so, changing providers would help, but if not the problem is likely at the node level and changing providers won't make any difference as long as you stay on cable.

Sorry for my ignorance, but who is Gabe? I like TekSavvy, but these slowdowns everyday are really hindering my work flow.