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ZyWALL 5, UPnP and hidden rules

If you have UPnP enabled in ZyWALL 5 you can check dynamic UPnP host:port forwarding rules in this page: ADVANCED | UPnP | Ports. It works well with some clients. For example, uTorrent sets two new rules there every time when it runs.

But there are other UPnP clients, that may create hidden rules. Those rules are certainly exist and I know that for sure, running other software that require port forwarding. But for some weird reason they're hidden in ZyWALL 5 router and I can't see them on the mentioned above page.

If this is a feature, how to enable it? I have to have control and know exactly what ports are forwarded, to which computers and when.

If this is a bug, it's a serious security problem. If legitimate clients can create "hidden" rules, the same could be done for malicious purposes too... Thus I must be fixed.

What do you guys think about it?

The problem is present in firmware Version V4.04(XD.9) | 01/26/2011.
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