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TSI Andre
Got TekSavvy?
Chatham, ON
reply to annabelle

Re: TekSavvy Resolution

Hi Annabelle,

Thank you for posting your update to your review. I am glad that David was able to get things finally resolved for you and I sincerely apologize that it took us quite some time to get to that point.

You are absolutely correct in portraying that we are not perfect. Being perfect is something we strive for but reality is that we will never be, nor will any other provider be perfect. Like all other growing companies, we will always be faced with new challenges and we aim to deal with them rapidly.

Looking further into your situation, it does seem that the majority of the delay was in fact caused by Rogers as they had submitted your order as the wrong service type. Now, I am not trying to shift blame onto them as we did also fail on your order and as your ISP, we need to take the responsibility for the entire experience, which I believe we did, however late. I can say though that we did make sure the associates that failed on our side will receive the development they deserve to ensure we can better the overall customer experience going forward.

I wanted to clarify one of your comments that “The reps will be sugary sweet to you up until you make that initial bulk payment of setting everything up.”… We certainly do not aim for things to be this way. We do not ask our associates to be extra special with new clients or with any clients for a matter of fact. We ask our associates to treat all of our customers with respect, and to do so professionally. I think it may just seem that way because your issues were post signup.

You are correct in saying our wait times are high. For a little while now, wait times have increase and a lot of this has to do with growth. We have hired many associates in efforts to deal with these but it is not until recent that we started looking at internal practices. For example, we have recently dedicated a resource just to look at improving our Technical Support processes. This body is responsible to find efficiencies within the Support/Operations group but also to make the customer experience that much better. We have also recently made changes with the associates so that they can focus on their customers, making sure that they provide their 100% attention to their caller or task. Along with better empowerment of our associates to take ownership, I strongly think that wait times will start to decrease.

At the end of the day, anyone looking for a new ISP will need to make decisions on who they will go with and with that, many people will rely on reviews, such as those found on DSLr and the experiences of their friends & family members. I hope that you can revisit TekSavvy in the future as a feasible choice for internet and by doing so, you will see that we do learn from our mistakes and we strive to make the customer experience extremely enjoyable for all.


TSI Andre
Director of Service Delivery
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