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Mad Dawg
Mad Dawg

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reply to gunther_01

Re: OSPF Backhauls

said by gunther_01:

But are you able to access your radio's when the appropriate router/gateway for a radio becomes accessible?

I think the main issue he is asking about is in a routed scenario, your UBNT radio's (event though in bridge modes) will have a gateway set in them for IP purposes. In the odd case that your bridged wireless link fails, and OSPF re-routes around the issue,(via some other redundant path) you loose your gateway for that link, and you can no longer communicate with the radio's to check on them, or work on them...

Yes this is correct but it also depends on what you use for the gateway ip on
each wireless link ie you could have radio ones gateway as the opposing ends mikrotik port IP or its local
i.e. tik-1-IP-
radio1- gateway
radio2 gateway
alternatively radio 1 would use the opposite end ( as its gateway
either way will work but in method one the radio will still be accessable via its gateway interface
since its local,directly connected to it and its gateway it shouldnt matter if the link is down and not actually in use

This is how I set mine and I can still access the radios even if the primary wireless link is down and
were running on the backup link as long as the radio is phsically connected and running I can still access the primarys
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The Glitch
Cayuga, ON
Yea this is how I do it as well, sometimes its hit or miss though for me.
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Algoma, WI
reply to Mad Dawg
This is how I had been doing it - The issue is even though the gateway is local the subnet is not necessarily routed to that router. So why I could access the router then in turn the device via ssh/telnet - I could not access the gui. It was not just an issue of when the link goes down but also taking the links down for spectrum scans etc. I try to make a habit of verifing my links from time to time. As I posted for those fighting this - I created a vlan interface on the router and set the management vlan on the ubnt then assigned a /30 so I have a /30 assigned to the routers for direct communication the a /30 assigned to a vlan on each end for access to the bridge. If I take the link down I just have to wait a couple seconds for the far side route to repropogate and then I can access both sides.