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reply to NefCanuck

Re: using a wired switch with a DIR-655 questions

I once had a 5 port switch hanging off my DIR-655 before I switched to a DAP-1522. I added a second DAP-1522 to serve as a 5ghz AP and 4 port switch this improved connectivity and removed the need for wires between rooms making rearranging room easier. I later replaced the DIR-655 with a DIR-825 and operate both DAP-1522's in bridge mode on the 5ghz band.

Doing a scan of available SSID's there are around 10-11 not counting me, completely covering the 2.4ghz band. I am the only 5ghz band SSID and 2 at a time FULL HD video streams are no problem at all. Don't recall an incident I tried 3 unless you want to count a 3D FULL HD [frame packed] as two. My walls are 6 inch thick cinder block covered with wallboard, makes passing wires room to room a bit of an issue.

I have used this configuration with DirecTV HD DVR's as a Beta whole home tester and currently with TiVo Premiere's each DAP also has a Bluray HT on it. Room to Room for otherwise fixed devices concurrent dual band 5Ghz is the way to go.
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-- DLink DIR-825 (B1) fw2.07NA / DAP-1522 (a1) fw 1.40 {2@5ghz bridge mode} / Clear Modem series G
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