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San Antonio, TX

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Re: Leaving AT&T U-Verse FTTP after 2 years :(

said by Paralel:

Most of what you're complaining about is ridiculous. It's not ATT's problem that your structured wiring enclosure wasn't a good fit for the equipment. You'll have to elaborate how it caused a slow network inside your house since that is the first I'm hearing of it. Depending on the footprint of the house, and the location of the wiring enclosure, there is never any guarantee you'll have perfect wireless coverage with any piece of hardware.

The fact that the gateway can't be bridged is an issue that is well documented, even two years ago. Why would you expect a service that is not based on CATV systems to be CableCard compatible? That is just ludicrous.

I will have to disagree with you. You may be right that it is not AT&T fault that the wiring enclosure isn't a good fit for the equipment. However, it is AT&T fault that they decided to go with a RG that is twice as large as most routers these days.

Also it is AT&Ts fault that all their RGs are only 100 mbit connections, which is why i believe the OP is saying is part of the cause of the slow network inside the home. Not to mention that it only supports wireless G and also has a pretty crappy wifi built into the service.

Also it is understandable that a cablecard won't work on uverse because it is a totally different technology but the point I think the OP was trying to make is that it only costs $2 for the cablecard equipment which is a way better price than what uverse will charge you for an STB, all all the crazy DVR fees and stuff.


The 3800 was replaced in 2010 with the 3801. All 3800 should have been removed or phased out but due to the greed factor they are still being put out today especially in the S Tex area. Hell thats all i could get while working in Houston and for that matter San Antonio and Dallas customers should all be up in arms over this BS as well.

It really appears that the poor maintenance of the outside plant and lack of quality CPE, the way of uverse is headed is in the wrong direction.

One more thing the ONTs should have been provisioned with a more realistic amount of bandwidth. 32/5 is such an insult to this equipment what a waste of money. Its as if they installed these just to say they had FTTP to compete with Verison.