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Re: Google Declares War on the Password

said by unavailable :

You know, I proposed just this to my best friend, because I think privacy is all but gone anyway and I told her I was willing to give up my last shred of it for convenience. I'm only half kidding. I might actually sign up for it. No more passwords, so intriguing to me.

Of course it makes her insanely angry at me, and she tells me what an idiot I am. She's not really kidding either. She thinks the idea is awful.

Good to hear from a guy, who thinks about it as the glass half full. Now, look from the the glass is half empty perspective. I may have hundreds of those tags and none of those are under my skin. Moreover all of them could be easily reprogrammed to copy your ID, as well as anyone I want... How does that sound now? Is it secure? Is it convenient? Or is it worth to do at all???

Listen to your g/f. You may learn something from her

BTW, the more often you repeat to yourself "I think privacy is all but gone anyway", the more it becomes true. That's why I do not do that.
Keep it simple, it'll become complex by itself...