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E Man1864

Sylvania, OH
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[DSL] Very Slow Internet Speeds

Lately, I have had very slow internet on my 7.1/.768 package. The speed of my internet is almost as slow as dial-up, as seen here: »www.speedtest.net/result/2453004 ··· 4295.png. I can't do anything with these speeds. No YouTube, no gaming, no downloading, etc. I also have my transceiver statistics here if that will help: »docs.google.com/file/d/0B1DXCceD ··· dW8/edit. Any help or comments would be greatly appreciated.


post a nother photo of the modem stats i keep get an error try to see the ones on google


Modoc, IN
reply to E Man1864
Very likely congestion as with stats like these you shouldn't be seeing issues. If it's not congestion and you're sure the computer isn't the problem, I can only ask if these speeds are through a VPN. I had a 100mbit fiber connection at school and only got around 5mbps over the VPN and at least 70mbps without it.

Check with neighbors when your speeds are slow to determine if it's congestion. If they're always slow, check to see if you're getting a lot of errors. If you are, it could be what's slowing down your connection.
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»speedtest.net/result/2387637868. ··· 7868.png


reply to E Man1864
Your Modem stats look fine. Looks like you're still using the Westell 7500 though. I'd be giving tech support a call and have an in home check made on your lines as well as have them bump you up to the more current, Netgear 7550 N. From what I read on your Review, your area is undergoing some substantial upgrades, so you may want to check into what is going on and what is available to you in
Sylvania, OH. I'd still see about an in home tech visit, check your external lines as well as internal setup. Swap out the 7500 for the 7550 and see what that does for you.

Q: When was the last time you reset your modem? (red reset button on the rear of the modem, re-walk through the setup wizard to see if you have any new settings that may be adversely effecting performance.)

Q: Do you know of anyone close by using Frontier and having similar problems ?

You may also want to e-mail or call a local area manager to see if this is an isolated problem, or more wide spread.
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As close as you claim to be to the CO and your stats, it is most likely a problem with your lines, a Z-filter going sideways (phone filters,) or the POS westell 7500 is defective. I went through 3 of them that just went bad for no particular reason in less than 2 years.(pre and post Frontier take-over of Verizon legacy areas.) 1st one was the Verizon branded 7500,(upgrade from the westell 327-w) and (2) frontier branded 7500's. I'm no fan of mass produced, Chinese manufactured products. The Netgear 7550-N isn't much better, but it at least has wireless N instead of the 7500's wireless G.
Hopefully, between a tech visit, modem upgrade and contacting your regional manager, your problem can be found and resolved.


Henrietta, NY
reply to E Man1864
I agree with Strider.

When did you power cycle your modem last. Are you sure your computer is clean.

What I could see from your modem stats your modem looks good. Is the LAN cable old? have you run any netsh commands to try and clear up winsock. If you speed test in safemode are the stats different?

The 7500 modem isnt the greatest but it shouldnt effect your speeds that much. In the end i would suggest talking to Frontier directly. In most cases they can test your line while your on the phone and if you have their premium tech support like i do they can clean your computer up as well.

I always call 18002394430. Give them a call at the very least they can get someone out there for ya to test your lines from the CO to your house, but looking between your modem and you computer.


reply to E Man1864
I have frontier and a couple of friends around me in eastern PA also have it and we been experiencing slow internet and my one friend had Frontier come and check and the guy said something about something being down so idk


Durham, NC
reply to E Man1864
I'd guess it's congestion, as is so often the case with Frontier. If you're having those download and upload speeds (your ping also seems high) during peak usage hours, between roughly 5 pm and midnight, I would suspect your local DSLAM/node is oversold. Since I upgraded to VDSL2, I'm not sure whether Frontier followed through on fixing ADSL congestion here, but we experienced the same nightly slow downs, like clockwork.

I suggest calling or emailing your regional general manager or technical supervisor: »www.frontier.com/customerservice ··· rvice/8/ I had success in emailing my area's GM and he worked with me on the issues we had.


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reply to E Man1864
I suggest calling or emailing your regional general manager or technical supervisor: »www.frontier.com/customerservice/8/ I had success in emailing my area's GM and he worked with me on the issues we had.

Definitely the way to go for a congestion problem