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reply to jpaik

Re: Okay, NOW Wind will definitely be foreign owned

said by jpaik:

The parent company is seeing Canada as a market to leave asap.

AFAIK, the regs prevent Wind from being sold to an incumbent company until 2014. I predict that Wind's owners will petition cabinet to change those rules. If unsuccessful, one of the incumbents will buy Wind on Jan 2, 2014.

really the cost per gb and the cost they sell to you is so profitable no one in right mind once they get a foothold in canada is gonna leave.
cogeco is perfect example where did they sell...they sold hte homeland isp of course ten bought into more of northamerica with a presence now in the usa.

thats how profitable all internet is in canada and it snot helping anyone but a very very very small few while other areas of the world run right past us all.