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how to check which tower

Sometimes i get really slow speeds (.5 down) frequent timeouts, inconsistent pings (80ms to 500ms), and this would last for several days..

Other times it works pretty well (consistent 80-100ms ping), 500-800kb download.

Both times its 3-4 bars.

So what other variable is here?

The modem says nokia siemens networks and theres only 2 towers here but im not even sure which tower its connected to and sometimes it only shows one tower

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I have a Hub and a Hub Express. Both show the MAC address of the tower I a connected to at any moment via the Web GUI. The Hub Express has a Log that shows if it is switching towers. Usually it is not and 99%+ of the time it's on the same tower MAC address.


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Is it possible to check it?

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Is this what you are looking for?
» ··· ault.asp


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Sounds like you have a Motorola modem,

Visit and use password CLEAR123 or motorola

Then after the wizard is done setting up your preferences you can see the modem connection information. scroll down and it will give you the list of BSIDs and show you which one you are connected to. With the Motorola modem every 8 CINR points in difference will force the modem to search to connect to the very best tower