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Raleigh, NC
·Time Warner Cable

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reply to spider62

Re: [TWC] SORBS blacklisting a RR IP

Every single dynamic residential IP address on the TWC network is supposed to be listed in the SORBS DUHL and the Spamhaus PBL.

That's all these lists are... a listing of dynamic IPs. You aren't being blacklisted for sending spam or any form of malware. These lists are in place because a huge amount of spam comes from infected Windows PCs on residential Internet connections with dynamic IP addresses. Most mail server administrators would rather not receive mail directly from a dynamic IP address, and using one of these lists dramatically cuts down on the amount of spam they have to deal with.

Switching ISPs won't help, either. As long as you have a dynamic IP, you will continue to run into this issue. These lists are maintained using data provided by the ISP. Only the ISP can update what's on the list in most situations. Although there is a removal form, TWC has instructed Spamhaus not to allow any of their IP addresses to be removed by customers from this list. Not sure if they did the same thing with SORBS, but I would assume that they did. This also prevents people from running mail servers over residential connections, which is prohibited by the terms of service.

Now, you could be on additional blacklists due to the actions of other customers. You might be able to get your address removed from those, but it isn't really worth the effort.

The fix for this is to send your emails through a proper email server that isn't on a dynamic IP... for example, if you are sending from your work account, your email client should probably be pointed to your company's SMTP server (or if it is a Microsoft Exchange account, through Outlook Anywhere which makes everything work very smoothly if it is configured properly). Otherwise, you can try using Time Warner Cable's SMTP server, or your email host's server if you have one. Also, another possible cause for this is SMTP authentication being turned off in your email client.

Edit: The TWC/RoadRunner SMTP server for Clemmons, NC is however, if you are trying to send emails from your work account when you are at home, you should contact your company's IT support to make sure your email account is configured properly.