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Nichols, IA

I'm pissed, I'm slightly drunk and here you go people

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I am once again very angry about my 3MB service clocking out at .77, so I started a White House Petition. Okay sure it may not do anything, but who knows, I figure with the amount of anger that’s on this forum directed at Windstream, maybe, just maybe something will get done.

In my case I’m pissed off at Windstream because nine miles away from me, in Iowa, is a town with a local telephone company (Liberty Communication), they service about 7,000 people, in two communities and the local rural area. Liberty Communications is providing its customers in West Liberty and West Branch, Iowa with 10MB fiber optic for $60 a month (you can get 20MB for $130/month); they also provide consistent 8mb DSL service to rural customers that live 3-5 miles outside of town for $70. Yet Windstream with its hundreds of millions of dollars and customer base of hundreds of thousands is not able to provide me, and numerous others on this forum with constant 3MB DSL?

Sorry Windstream I call BS on that one, because I know that four miles away, down a gravel road and across a creek that some friends of mine are laughing at my .77MB DSL while enjoying 8MB speeds. So anyway, I don’t know if it will do any good and don’t know if anyone will actually sign it, but hell, it can’t hurt, so here’s the White House petition:

»petitions.whitehouse.gov/petitio ··· ypW4GNCF

Fairfield, IA
I feel your pain. I moved from Kalona, Iowa hwere they were giving rual people not only 3 meg internet over copper but also television. This was at their far reaches even. I moved into Windstream area and was told i could get 3 meg service for dsl. Will truth be known I am lucky to get 1.5 service. I will give the firld techs credit as they worked hard to make sure I have a clean line. Oh by the way, Liberty Communications is owned by Kalona Cooperative Telephone Company and they also own Cloud 9 wireless which even provides faster connect speeds than what we get over copper. Inthis town where I am at now there is a company that ran all fiber throught thye towm and is offering internet (my mothers connection is 48 meg down and 24 meg up), TV and Phone for around $100 a month. They stop about a 1/4 mile from me. Same place as cable does.


Swanton, OH
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Avg midday 12 MB service