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Livonia, MI
reply to Gardentool

Re: Leaving AT&T U-Verse FTTP after 2 years :(

The router can do bridge mode. I even have an IPV6 tunnel passing through.
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Leander, TX
said by cybersleauth:

The router can do bridge mode. I even have an IPV6 tunnel passing through.

DMZ+ isn't bridge mode, although it's close enough for a lot of things. But people who need a true bridge mode are SOL.


Livonia, MI
Yes first I set the dmz zone on the router then reading the article I checked the router behind router box. Disabling everything except ping. I needed ping for the IPV6 Tunnel service from Hurricane Electric. I Tried automatic settings for IPV6 on MY D-link 825 version B. But not luck, so I used the manual settings page and I must have had enough information from Hurricane Electric to get IPV6 works on All my computers. Voila Route able IP address and a website on every pc using my At&T Uverse service.


Oklahoma City, OK
reply to cybersleauth
Cybersleauth: I am happy it works for you, and others, but I never did get DMZ+ to work quite right for me.

Even if what Tech007 is saying is true, why can't they have matching speeds for both copper and fiber? I probably would have considered staying an Internet customer if 24/3 was really available on FTTP, but as far as AT&T's availability checker it still shows it is not. And I do not trust the words of a customer service rep who doesn't understand the differences between FTTP and FTTN installations. AT&T deciding to (re)brand all their services as U-Verse is only causing confusion for both customers and their low-level employees.