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Re: [TWC] TWC DNS servers dont respond after awake from sleep

I don't see how you lean to this being a TWC issue. The TWC DNS servers, nor any other DNS servers in existence know that your computer was asleep.

If the TWC DNS servers weren't responding for you, they wouldn't be responding for anyone else at the same time either, and TWC would apparently know about that problem since they'd be getting multiple calls about it.

Wireshark running on the computer that was asleep showing outgoing DNS requests with no response doesn't prove that it's the DNS servers not responding.

If you are testing with more than one machine, and you have one machine that is working with DNS and one that is asleep, then wake it up and it doesn't work, then that's not a TWC DNS problem.


Dallas, TX
This may not be related to sleep after all.

I have a laptop that has been on for about 10 minutes. I am running Wireshark, and I'm seeing DNS query after DNS query, and rarely do any get a response.

I did where I got a response for DNS on, after many tries, but for many other sites, I am just being ignored.