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Kanata, ON
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reply to Greenalderbe

Re: First 2 weeks with Start....so far not impressed.

Does Start.ca have a local Netflix caching server? (probably not)
Larger ISPs (like Teksavvy) probably do, which can make for smoother streaming.

But then, many people report watching Netflix HD from the USA servers via VPN or DNS proxies, so that probably doesn't really explain anything.

With Teksavvy, I have noticed that a lot of the routes I seem to be assigned have some kind of throttle at about 5mbits/sec per connection. So to get fast file transfers, I have to use multiple simultaneous connections, aka. multi-threaded downloads. Something like that could also be the issue here with routing to/from Start.ca.

Or not.

EDIT: actually, I've noticed a lot of stuff seems slow all of a sudden on our 28/1 Teksavvy service during prime time, as of some time last week. Prior to that, we hardly ever noticed any kind of lasting slowdown. So maybe local node congestion, or CMTS congestion/overloading?

I guess I'll find out in about 10 days from now, when our service here switches over to Start.ca.



Oshawa, ON
·TekSavvy Cable
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I would guess Local Node congestion, It makes no sense otherwise for it to be only happening during prime time as Start says they have lots of Bandwidth available Either rocca is Lieing Doubtful or Your Local Node is congested and so during prime time Whammo to your speedo P:) How are speed tests and other activitys during primetime? have you tried changing your DNS to googles open dns to see if that makes a difference?
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