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Austin, TX
reply to Scotsman

Re: [TWC] Time warner cable and Motorola Surfboard 6141

I responded privately to Scotsman, but my 6141 is running version SB_KOMODO-

The only gripe I have about this firmware is that the signal levels (and especially the power level) are only displayed as integer (no tenths), and that the power levels display as "0" when the signal levels are <0dBmV. Given that this is one of the compliant modems TW allowed us to buy, I'm hoping that they update the firmware someday with the status page fixed, but I won't hold my breath. I'm OK with this as long as it works properly and they can somehow see the levels accurately if something goes wrong.

I agree with cramer that the place to ping is (in this case), which is the first hop after the cable modem from the traceroutes above.

If, without wireless in play and just connected to the cable modem with a laptop, you're still getting ping times that go up in the 3 second (3000ms) times to the first hop, then that is definitely something TW needs to know about. When you're connected with only the laptop, you may also want to capture packets (using tcpdump or wireshark or whatever your favorite capture program is). Filter out any arp requests, as those are going to be numerous and they can be ignored. There shouldn't be any other significant traffic except for your ping. If there is a large burst of traffic when the slowdown happens, that may explain why the slowdown happens. It won't really give a full explanation, but if you have that information, it could help someone from TW help you out.

The only other TW infrastructure-related explanation I can think would cause this is if your neighborhood node was horribly overloaded. That is also something that TW will want to check out. I think we've all had our negative experiences with TW, but in reality I think TW wants everyone to get good service and will try to fix problems like this once they actually see it happen. Getting them to see it, though, definitely feels futile sometimes...