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Philadelphia, PA
reply to mariod

Re: [DVR] External DVR Storage

said by mariod:

said by yhp:

My point was that $100 for a TB of DVR storage now (mariod's rhetorical question) is a great deal when compared to playing waiting and service games with Comcast.

Except you're not paying $100 for a TB of storage.

I already have 500gb of storage.

And I have 340GB on my DCX34xx.

Some customers have only 250GB on their DCX34xx.

You're paying $100 for GBs 501 through 1501. For only a year or two before its defunct. Is that really worth $100??

I don't get a chance to watch a lot of TV. So I "record" lots of interesting things and delete many unseen because the occupancy on my 340GB drive is pretty reliably north of 90%. That's life with Comcast today.

Someday, when Comcast's awesome technology renders my purchase "obsolete" (LOL) "a year or two" (your words) from now, I will have had a "year or two" of not thinking for even a minute about what shows to delete or whether I should really record something in standard-def to save space.

It's an annoyance. In 2012, it's an insult. It takes time. Time adds up. It's easily worth $100.