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London, ON
reply to Greenalderbe

Re: First 2 weeks with far not impressed.

said by Greenalderbe:

I guess my big question is if it was local Node congestion wouldn't it have affected my Rogers line in the same way?

It's hard to say for sure, Rogers is doing lots of maintenance and/or a node can change it's behaviour in the matter of a couple days with a few heavy customers popping up in an apartment, etc. We did notice an across the board increased usage on Sunday (maybe everyone was streaming the football game) that was about 20% above typical, so that might have been enough to peak over local node issues. The fact that everything is fast except for Netflix though does seem odd.

As for our capacity to TorIX, we just upgraded from 1Gbps to 10Gbps - we're using about 800Mbps at peak so there is a plenty of space there. Could be possible that Netflix hit capacity (or maybe just on their TorIX facing link) but then you'd imagine that lots of people would be complaining about that.