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MJ+ incoming voice is getting choppy

I bought MJ+ about 2 months ago. The first few weeks, it was great. Then, a couple of weeks ago, the incoming voice began to get choppy, sometimes to the point I could barely understand the other party; the other party would hear me very well though.

So, tonight I plugged the MJ+ into the computer USB port and it has the same problem. Then, I connect using a VPN and VOILÀ: sound quality is back to normal. Does that mean that the local MJ server that the product connects to when it's connected to the router is overloaded?

I don't think it's a server problem.

What other activity is on your router when you experience the choppiness?

Are there other users on your network?

Are you or is anyone else downloading any bittorrents or streaming Netflix or other internet video?

Check your router's manual to see if it is capable of QOS. If so, then enable it for the MJ+ IP address on your network. Give it around 80 Kbps upstream and 80 Kbps downstream on your router.

If your router is not capable of QOS consider investing in one that is.

That should likely fix the problem.