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reply to mhowie

Re: Just bought a home- what does this wiring mean?

said by mhowie:

Anyway, I'm curious based on the photographic evidence if I am positioned to have both Time Warner Cable and Dish Network satellite service throughout the house with the wiring currently in place?

-I would like to have a wired network throughout the new house if possible.

I don't know if the cable internet and satellite TV signals can be shared on the coax (or if this is even a relevant question given the wiring I have)?

I also don't know if the CAT 5e wiring is for telephone only with this particular setup or if it is ready to transmit data?

- Based on what I can see, it looks like you should be able to swing both services. I *think* that I see two inputs for Coaxial. (Can you confirm?). If so, TWC will hook up as normal through the CSE outside on one input, Satellite will run a line to the outside CSE or to the panel box direct (less likely). From the Panel, you can choose which line get which service.

- You can not share cable TV/internet signals on the same line as Satellite. (Boo, hiss!) You'll have to choose one or the other on each line.

- The CAT5 is for both. One of those blocks is for phone, one is for Data. So the modem can reside in that panel, fed to the patch panel directly or to a router/hub first, then to the panel. (depends on the panel and on your needs)

- Your home alarm system also runs into that cabinet; it looks like the power block is plugged in there and the back feed for the line interrupt is there too.

Someone will correct me if I'm wrong.

Let me know if I can clarify any further!
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