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they call me Mr. Bill
North Las Vegas, NV
reply to nocannothave

Re: iPhone and wi-fi issues

I would set it for WPA2 Personal Mixed. Try AES instead of TKIP. If Auto is a choice, use it instead of selecting TKIP or AES.


Kennewick, WA
said by billaustin:

I would set it for WPA2 Personal Mixed. Try AES instead of TKIP. If Auto is a choice, use it instead of selecting TKIP or AES.

The router has been set to the AES algorithm for almost two days now. No loss of connection on our phones, so I'm going to leave the mode alone for now.

Thanks for the help.

Gentoo Convert
Fort Smith, AR
TKIP is most often a software update, while AES is all done in the hardware, from what I have read on many device driver specs. So, it leaves the CPU and software to focus on other things, while improving security to boot. I keep mine set to AES-only. I have a gaming bridge and a switch where I plug in all the game consoles, including systems that don't support AES, even some that do(better speed using dual band N(think X264 MKV files on the PS3 using DLNA from a server across the house)), and ones that do not support wireless period. This shows you can adapt any hardware that has an ethernet port. More cost effective and leaves the router managing less wireless links to use the switch between them(and an AP to offload clients that would have weak signal in that part of the house with no messy wiring). Pretty much all modern PC hardware, phones, tablets, and game consoles support it though. Gaming bridge is a handy option for devices without an OS to load appropriate wireless drivers or without a way to upgrade the hardware.
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Kennewick, WA
I started having issues with my MAC white list and saving AES as the WPA algorithm. Might have been me doing something wrong, but I figured now was a good time to upgrade dd-wrt. So I did that last night. Now running v24-sp1 std.

AES is now there as it should be. I also managed to create a virtual guest wi-fi interface using a different (and easier) password than the regular wi-fi.