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Lost In Translation
Campbellsville, KY
reply to rody_44

Re: [Caps] Cord-Cutter's Unite! - How did you do it?

said by rody_44:

...Either way I really doubt in the real world people substitute cable for hula and amazon and such.

You would be wrong in that assumption then.

We cut the cord about a year ago after moving to cable internet from dsl.

Our setup is mainly consoles PS3's and Xbox's. We also have a roku and we use laptops.

Netflix and amazon are our only services and are probably 80/20 on the percentage. All other streams are from the providers site directly with no subs. We initially also subscribed to Hulu+ but didn't get enough value from it so we cancelled fairly early on.

Never kept track of pre cord cutting usage.

Post cord cutting usage has us increasing 10-20Gb a month but I am betting we will level off at 180-200Gb.

I miss the simple interface of cable\satellite to find a show, web interfaces especially from consoles or roku leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to searching or just browsing.

Immediate viewing on cable\sat is also missed I never realized how surfing with a TV remote was so convenient.

Despite all that NOT paying 100+ a month is worth it.