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reply to horacebork

Re: success at last ... =D

As long as there is dial-tone on the line, 911 should be available, even if the service has been disconnected. This is mostly for liability reasons, and will vary depending on the practices of the local telco. The line will usually stay connected on the telco side, but the dial-tone will probably be turned off after 30 days of no service.

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reply to Bhutan Bob

See here for some discussion as to why you should NOT rely on this method for something as important as 911.

is there a pot this guy *doesn't* have his fingers in? =)

Besides, if you are running VoIP through your phone lines, you would need to physically disconnect the POTS line at the Network Interface Device (NID) anyway.

not doing that, but good point. mine is run thru cable internet then wireless broadcast to handset from a base unit.
panasonic tgp500 -- nice device.
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reply to horacebork

Re: [Voip.ms] porting land-line number from verizon

glad to see you had your issues resolved. I had some of the same issues porting from VZ to Voip.ms, as VMS insisted on a first & last name on a VZ business account that was registered to a company decades ago. I called for my CSR & after a long wait (& a convo with her supervisor i'm assuming), the vzcsr said my CSR would be mailed to my billing address in a few days. I received nothing, & ended up transferring the account to my personal name in order to port.

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verizon response to fcc about my complaint

sorry i didn't see this post. yes, vz is a royal pita when it comes to porting. there are other forums expressing the same opinion.

on another note, i just received a (cc'd) letter from verizon to the fcc about a complaint i raised with the fcc regarding verizon's lack of cooperation during the port.

it's nice to know that the fcc actually received my complaint and that something was done about it.
not that it matters much at this point in time because the lnp was completed over a month ago.

see the scanned copy. the gist of it is that vz essentially blames the new provider for not confirming the correct billing number.

they have the scan of my verizon bill and most assuredly gave them the correct one every time. after verizon rejected it for the 3rd time, you think they would have come up with a better excuse than that.

thanks voip.ms again for doing all the heavy lifting on this one.

".. the sofa has just vanished." ".. well, that's one mystery less."

PX Eliezer


It's still good that you complained to the FCC, because Verizon did have to expend some energy responding to the complaint. And because the FCC notes trends in the aggregate.

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