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[DSL] Static Ip

I took static ip, like 69.165.xxx.xxx and add subnet mask in my mac with DNS, however no gateway ip is given by teksavvy. Now why can not I ping my ip from outside.

TSI Danielle
Was the static IP one that was provided by us? If you do not have a static up, you set your connection up for dynamic.


Pointe-Claire, QC
reply to satinbanwait
The static IP is assigned to you automatically when you connect your PPPoE session. If you are using a router, the router will get the static IP. There is no setting to enter in your mac.


reply to satinbanwait
then what you do is rout form router to pc per protocol your asking then have your service and pc run as that ip and port

Montreal, QC
reply to satinbanwait
To clarify what Vinch said, the setup for a dynamic or static IP is identical from your end. It simply means that the ISP will assign you the same IP any time you connect, instead of a different IP every time.
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Kitchener, ON
reply to satinbanwait
Depending on your router, there may be an option within the router itself. By default, a lot of routers (such as the Linksys WRT54G) by default are setup to ignore a ping request from the WAN. If this is the case, this would explain why you are unable to ping your router from outside your home network. Your best option is to check the firewall settings for your router and make sure that "Disable WAN Ping", or "WAN Blocking" (depending on your router and its firmware) are NOT checked/enabled. Once this is done, you should notice that you're able to successfully get a ping reply from your router over the internet.

Remember, even with the WAN Ping disabled, you should still be able to access your remote services that you have setup, as so long as you have the correct ports open and forwarded to pass the connection through.

The other question that begs to be asked is do you also have an IP subnet for multiple other IP addresses to be assigned to your network? If so, there may be additional steps that are required to make this work.