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Heave Steve, for the good of the country
reply to El Quintron

Re: Okay, NOW Wind will definitely be foreign owned

said by El Quintron:


Here's some more on the upcoming 700MHz auction............

» ··· 16-e.htm

"The 700 MHz spectrum band is considered "beachfront property." That is, this low-frequency spectrum offers significant improvements in download speeds; better penetration of buildings and other obstacles; and wider coverage, important in addressing the digital divide between rural and urban Canadians.

Hence, this auction will shape the near future of Canada’s wireless services."


"Given the occasionally conflicting demands it faced regarding this auction, the government has established the following objectives: sustaining increased competition, which the new entrants in the AWS auction had introduced to the industry; promoting continued investment and innovation that the incumbents, by their size, brought to the industry; and making AWS available to all Canadians.

A backgrounder issued at the time of the announcement listed four measures chosen to balance demands and meet the government’s objectives:

Foreign investment restrictions will be lifted for companies that have less than a 10 percent share of the telecommunications market, promoting competition by improving new wireless entrants' access to capital.
Caps in upcoming spectrum auctions will effectively ensure that new wireless entrants and regional providers have access to prime spectrum.
Tower sharing and roaming policies will be improved and extended.
Obligations will be imposed on 700 MHz spectrum licence holders to see advanced wireless services quickly delivered to rural Canadians.

Companies that acquire spectrum at these auctions will not be able to sell their licences to other providers for five years. This measure promotes competition and prevents consolidation in the industry in the short term."

If Wind sticks around and they nab a large chunk of the reserved for newbie's 700MHz spectrum cheaply, I can see them @ 3MM+ subscribers in 4-5 years.

El Quintron
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said by MaynardKrebs:

If Wind sticks around and they nab a large chunk of the reserved for newbie's 700MHz spectrum cheaply, I can see them @ 3MM+ subscribers in 4-5 years.

Yup, 700Mhz Spectrum + Next iPhone, more spectrum efficiency they'll make a killing.

I think Sawiris/Orascom/Vipelcom are bluffing when they're stating they intend to leave the market, it does two things:

1) It forces the government to offer them concessions to keep them in the market,

2) It encourages the worse type of behavior from the incumbents because they think the competiton ain't here to stay. Which is good for Wind.
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