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Re: Happy Day, I think.

No, don't have access to a scope.
Honestly, Macrovision was a bad example - instead, it acts like the copy never broadcast flag. I get picture with sound for about 2 secs, then nothing. If I unplug the video cable, sound returns. Then plug in the video cable, picture for 2 secs - then nothing again.


Fairfield, OH
Last night was the absolute bottom of the barrel. The whole system crashed (at least for some of us) right in the middle of prime time.

BLLLAAAAH. Happened with regular cable two or three times in twenty years.

Sorta working OK this morning, but my 40mbps total has slid down again to 15. I'm supposed to have 20mbps on the internet, but my speed test as of this morning is 6.7! Maximum available is 52 but apparently it's not coming my way. Have another tech visit scheduled but they are starting to act like they are going to shoot me if they can't find the problem. I've been told several times that the problem may be inside the house which will start off with me being given an estimate on how much that would be. They can't seem to diagnose anything about the system that is helpful, so why should I trust them to decide it's in the house and my dime?

I am also getting an audio problem this morning, but it probably means my optical cable has been shattered with all the rearranging and testing going on. I'm surprised there's anything left of my power cables at this point with all the reboots I've been doing.

Heck, I just want a night of TV without hassle, and a reliable internet.
Is that too much to ask?