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[HN7000S] 93W G25), 1272 MHz

Everyone on 93W, 1272MHz, keep your systems powered up and with good signal (no wet snow, etc.). A change is coming. ... A "Secondary Frequency" was pushed this morning at approx. 8AM EST. ... The new frequency is 1265MHz with a Symbol Rate of 10 Msps. ... 1272 MHz has symbol rate of 24 Msps, roughly 2/3 of a transponder. ... The new frequency, with a Symbol Rate of 10 Msps, roughly 1/3 transponder. This will mean less bandwidth available and probable reduced performance. ...

This could be happening to other transponders on 93W, other than 1272MHz. ... To check, go to "Advanced Menu", click on "General", "SHM Monitor". ... If, under SHM Monitor, if you see a Secondary Frequency listed, you are affected. ... This is what is seen:

SHM Monitor
Network Time: TUE JAN 22 12:59:23 2013
NOC Diversity : DISABLED (Not Configured)
Current NOC/Outroute : HOME/PRIMARY
Last Forced Cmd Status : NONE
Last NOC Switchover Reason: NO REASON

-------------- ------------

NOC ID: 1 1
Satellite Channel Frequency: 12720 (x 100Khz) 12650 (x 100Khz)
Receive Symbol Rate: 24000000 Sps 10000000 Sps
Framing Mode: DVB-S2-ACM DVB-S2-ACM


That's where I am, and received the Secondary too. A while back I was on 1247 (16K) with a Symbol Rate of 24. Received a Secondary, later to become the Primary, of 1254.2 with a Symbol Rate of 10. It was like being on dialup, actually worse.

Speed would increase after midnight eastern time, but during day nothing wanted to work. Without my asking, I was moved to 1272 and performance improved. Now the same thing appears to be happening to 1272.

To me, if this leads to the performace being like it was before, don't know what to do. Gen4 is not available in my area, and those on Spaceway (9000S) are complaining of daytime speeds dwindling to 400Kbps around noon. I hope they know what they are doing insofar a gateway management and give people some "breathing room" (bandwidth).

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Well, now on Secondary of 1265 MHz with Symbol Rate of 10 Msps (from 1272, 24 Msps symbol rate), and performance is terrible. Pings to the NOC router result in 65% loss, with lowest being 3499ms, maximum of 4403. Pings to Google, 40% loss, minimum of 3337ms, maximum 4449ms.

Speeds are definately slow. Hughes speedtests:

Down Up
218 121
378 17
170 0.0
221 0.0

Hughes Web Response, which used to be under 5 seconds, now above 15 seconds.

All Diagnostics are green check marks. Only Bad is Flow Control "on" and AIS STF Over Limit Error "Bad". Occasional red X in RTT, with it being 4810 Ms at this time.

I figured this would happen.
G25, 93W, 1272, SOHO, .98/2Wt, Gateway

How do I know if I am 93W 1272 MHz? Where do I look this up?

West Mich.
Your modems advanced page:


Click on System Info



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Now on 1265 MHz, 10 Msps as the Primary as of this morning at TUE FEB 05 2013 07:42:03 (Eastern). Signal strength is varying. 1272 MHz almost always had SQF of 91. Now it's between 80-89. Weather great, so that's not a factor.

Performance, I don't know yet. We shall see. At this time, seems to be okay. Only exception is the signal strength going up then down.
G25, 93W, 1265 MHz (10Msps), .98/2Wt

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OK, I found it. I guess I am at 93W, 1278 MHz