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[CallCentric] Drop calls via free DID or iNum

Has anyone noticed a lot of drop calls when people called CallCentric free DID including their iNum recently?

Our setup is having CallCentric free DID and iNum forward to iNum SIP URI issued by VoxOx for simultaneously ringing of IP phones and mobile phones.

Calls last for short time like shorter than couple minutes will not experience any drop call. In contrast, the longer the call duration was, the more chance to experience drop call.

Free DIDs from IPKall forward similarly to iNum SIP URI issued by VoxOx for same simultaneously ringing of IP phones and mobile phones do not experience any drop call.

Most calls originated from Skype or mobile phones in United States such as via MetroPCS.

Farmington, MI
May be related to the NYC telco repairs as related here: »Re: [CallCentric] Is CallCentric down AGAIN?

New York, NY
·Verizon FiOS
Dear Hok,

No, I don't think it's somehow related to repairs in NYC. Those repairs affect lines at large - when somebody there decides to switch large (really - large, like OC192 HUBs), amounts of lines from one equipment to another one. There are no "small" problems. And such "switch-overs" occur rarely (well, I wish we could be updated before they occur, but those who does it - don't even know about our "existence" ).

We're NOT aware of any calls being dropped, neither from iNUM, nor NY Free DIDs, nor any others.

Please open a ticket on your issue. I can't say from your description of what can be the cause, but it appears as something related to your setup only. Anyway - our support is trained to solve matters like this one while we have ability to capture all signaling and RTP when there is an issue to be resolved. Thank you.