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Trogglus normalus

Chicago, IL
reply to morbo

Re: Does this deal require Government approval?

I cant see how it can be approved unless they force them to sell the spectrum.
ATT has already been spectrum squatting defying the FCC rules that they must use the spectrum.
Why would the FCC allow them to squat on more of the spectrum. Soon ATT is going to own all of it if they dont stop them.


Mineral Wells, TX
thing is maybe the FCC is setting them up!, ha would it be something if our government forced all of them to share spectrum across the board! That's highly possible it will happen soon weather its 5 - 10 years down the road.. it will no doubt happen


Fremont, OH
In 5 to 10 years, the FCC will change and so will most of DC. You can't say they're setting them up.

The thing though is, its expensive to build your own network, COX already found that out along with many other companies, why do you think VZW is mostly put together smaller companies along with AT&T Mobility? The cost of rebuilding those networks and such costs tooooo much for anyone to take on right now unless you build out a fully complete network and still will take you several years to get where AT&T and VZW are today. Hell, even Sprint can't keep up, but then again they could have started years ago.