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Atlanta, GA
reply to cchhat01

Re: This is the kind of shit that makes me wanna move to...

said by cchhat01:

And that is what I mean. Thanks for that tidbit that sums up the response that everyone has when someone tries to make a legitimate point.
When did we simply decide to not care? If people here can see the "problem" with mergers, why isn't it that we can't take action to ensure that such mergers don't go through.

Anyone that wants to move to another country because of a corporation buying another, I want to encourage to be as far away from me as possible. If you think there aren't major carriers or merges in the UK, Europe or otherwise, you're sadley mistaken. If you think you'll get a better deal there, wait till you see how much you have to pay for a good device. Good luck with your move.


Too bad that actual studies illustrate that our wireless and wireline telecommunications services are the least competitive and offer the worst value in the developed world.

I guess down there, you have no issue with walmart being the only major player, so this is no different.


Please provide a link to the studies you are mentioning. Keep in mind the part about 'offer the worst value in the developed world' is extremely subjective, to say the least.

Right now in the U.S., the fact is, most consumers are simply too stupid to realize they do not need to stick with their current carriers/plans per se. They are too lazy to learn about prepaid options/unlimited plans/etc. The focus is unfortunately on 'how often can I upgrade my handset, and what will it cost to do so?'