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Let me see those devil horns in the sky

Kill Devil Hills, NC
reply to Coma

Re: Garage addition

said by Coma:

said by Draiman:

What they said was the texture is just how the skim coat over the drywall looks after being applied. If you want it smooth they sand it down so an extra step.

Just tape the seams and forget about skim coating the rest of the drywall, that's what paint is for.

Yea that's the other school of thought. The BI said he wouldn't sign off on the firewall with just that done so it was skim coated. I guess it really doesn't matter if the interior garage matches the hallway and upstairs of the garage though.

I was reading up and textured sucks if you ever want wallpaper so I'm doing the walls smooth whether that's skim coat and sand or just leave the drywall bare and only mud the seems/corners/edges/etc.

If I go the skim coat route I'm paying someone to do the work where as if it's just seem/corner/edge mudding I'd do the drywall work myself.
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