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Re: [DNS] How do I setup DNS server in an Aris Dongle Gateway mo

said by Comcastnet :

Please help me by letting me know how to setup OpenDNS servers on my Aris Dongle Gateway Modem... Thank you so very much...

Does this Arris Dongle Gateway Modem have a model number? I can't find any documentation for an Arris Dongle Gateway. Perhaps if you post a model number, someone might be able to offer assistance.
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Netfixer: I thank you so very much for all the responces... Thank you so very much fer the info ExoticFish...
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Re: [DNS] How do I setup DNS server in an Aris Dongle Gateway mo

I think you may have mis-understood what has been said so far....

Let me break it down for you

Kara's comment is below

don't bother call comcast support on this one that would be no way. And setup own server on home chsi acct is no no against tos. Read it.

Then, ropeguru said, in reply to Kara. By the way, the "He" that is mentioned is in reference to you!

He is trying to use OpenDNS' DNS servers instead of Comcast's.

In regards to your issue, if you could provide the information that NetFixer See Profile has asked for, someone will be able to help you set up OpenDNS on the "Aris Dongle Gateway modem". An exact Model # would help with that. It should be printed on the outside of the unit, either directly, or on some kind of sticker attached to it.

--Brian Plencner

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