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Still looking for intelligent life

Port Saint Lucie, FL
reply to FFH5

Re: This is the kind of shit that makes me wanna move to...

said by FFH5:

said by cchhat01:

another country... If the FCC approves this kind of crap then I will definitely contemplate moving to another country.

You are not being serious - just trying to make a point. Nobody, of sound judgement anyway, moves to another country because of cellphone service.

Just because of cellphone service is just the tip of the iceberg. Who wants to stay in a country that has sold out everything to anyone with enough cash?? As in the government and large corporations breaking the law, and instead of getting punished they go and change the laws retroactively to make what they were doing legal??

What about our privacy rights being not just trampled on, but dug up and thrown in the shit pile?? Like the NSA not being able to even talk about if they are violating citizens privacy, because it would violate the privacy laws....

How about the 3/6 strikes ISP crap thats taking place, and presuming people guilty with no tangible proof and forcing them to pay to try and protest their innocence??

Does this sound like freedom to anyone?? If you told anyone that these things were taking place 10-20 years ago, they'd think you were talking about Communist China, or Russia.... but here we are in the land of the free and home of the brave..... in name only.........
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